More and more organisations (must) transform into an agile organisation. This transformation is also resulting in a strong innovation of what we traditionally mean by HR, as a driver or supporter of this innovation. 

HR deals with every aspect of labour relations and therefore has a crucial role in ensuring continuity in the organisation and long-term productivity. To adequately fulfil this role, the team must be structured to deal with the needs of the organisation, whatever they may be. This means that the HR team must be able to be agile. We base ourselves on the Agile HR model and are ICP-TAL Agile Certified.

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Your HR backbone is the foundation of your HR department and ensures that HR is given a more prominent and proactive role in the organisation. Is your business growing and do you notice the need for more HR maturity, a clear HR structure and processes? Or do you have an existing HR department but are you spending most of your time on reactive work and extinguishing fires? Then download this free eBook to get more insight into the basic structures and processes of HR (don’t forget to check your spam)!

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