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What does your brain tell you?

Get to know your natural abilities

map your natural abilities

It might not surprise you but how we learn and how we behave are directly linked to our brain and its neurological pattern. The NeurOlympics allow us to map your personal brain profile, indicating which competencies you will be able to develop easily and which ones will be more difficult.

Through the NeurOlympics, online gamified tool, we map out sixteen biological building blocks that determine the energy level needed to develop certain competencies.

Scientifically proven
The NeurOlympics Brain-based Assessment Games are based on state-of-the-art neuroscientific experiments and gauge how efficient different brain regions operate.

Just like a fingerprint, the composition of these biological building blocks is unique for each individual. Knowing how your brain operates allows you to make choices that are more in tune with your natural talents.

Play a game. Know your brain. Choose the job that fits you best!

In case you have questions, want reference cases or if you’re curious about the scientific background – please just reach out to us.