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Employees working in their talent are more productive

For various possible reasons, you find yourself – expectedly or unexpectedly – with blank spots in your organisation. Presumably, you just put a vacancy out there, with some luck internal people may apply first. We are convinced that there is talent and potential in your organisation today to fill critical key positions in the future. By means of a talent scan, we map the potential of employees and objectify their talents. In our talent scan we distinguish ourselves and we are unique on the Belgian market with our C-BIND model.

We subsequently set up a Talent Development Programme to guide employees in their further growth. This programme can consist of training, coaching, intervisions, … and is being developed tailored to the organisation.


At WayFinders we look beyond solely observing the acquired behaviour through our talent management lens. We look under the hood and map out every piece of the puzzle. The following building blocks are mapped out to achieve a nuanced overall picture:

  • Context: we like to get a good picture of the organisation in order to give well-founded development advice.
  • Behaviour: we observe behaviour in order to gain insight into strengths and skills.
  • Identity: we link personal identity to the organisational values.
  • Neuro: we map out natural aptitudes by means of a brain profile.
  • Drivers: we look in depth at what gives energy and what requires energy.

Your Talent Development Programme

Investing in Talent Development is crucial for further growth and sustainability of your organisation. By developing employees and offering them opportunities, productivity increases, resulting in better financial results for your organisation. Download your free ebook to get started right away with some tips (don’t forget to check your spam)!

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